New Addiction

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I now have a new addiction
its called tumblr
Adieu WordPress, Adieu!


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This blogs bores me now.

Im creating a new one…it will consist mainly of pictures and stuffs. I will post the link here once I create it.

Also be on the look out for new music project being created by me and some other people….that will probably get a blog too.

Birthday List

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Things I want for my birthday:  all or some of the items listed

  • For someone to teach my cats how to play patty cake
  • a Persian kitten, preferably not grey as to not make Mr Chaos jealous
  • a new motorcycle, yes….already
  • a fillet mignon
  • a new glass carafe since Larsen broke mine =(
  • cook gear for camping
  • warm comfy wool socks for winter
  • God Father soundtrack on vinyl
  • lots of red wine- from Italia only
  • a new book- fiction please
  • crossword puzzle book- yes I am an old lady at heart
  • local honey
  • a trip to Hawaii, Vancouver, Costa Rica, or New Zealand

I guess thats it for now….


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Turning darkness into light

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When you stop smoking weed
after ritually using it for years
your mind freaks out
fogginess turns into clarity
you cant zone out anymore.
you see everything.
shit comes up
receptors searching for its lost compounds
try to focus, but you cant.
the only thing you can do
is try and occupy yourself by being productive
so this what normal sober people do huh?

I run for 10 minutes which feels like 30
do 30 lunges back and forth
pull ups, squats
my body is thanking me
for sweating the darkness out.

The past two weeks have been an emotional hell
everyday gets better though
as my darkness fades away to light.


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I am That which I avoid.

I am That which I seek.


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“Disease is the result of wrong thinking and wrong doing, and ceases when the act and thought are put in order. When the lesson of pain and suffering and distress is learnt, there is no further purpose in its presence, and it automatically disappears.”
~Edward Bach

Today marks a new day.
No more routines running my life.
No more numbing.
Stopping interactions with toxicity.
A new beginning towards more clarity.
Or maybe a continuation of what has already shifted.

Last night I had food poisoning.  Or what thought was food poisoning. I purged all night but nothing came out.  I believe I was purging sadness.  Every time I heaved into the toilet, all I could feel was sadness for others, for the state of humanity, and for myself.  I think my body was checkin me, saying ” Hey you aren’t even close to it yet”.  It was a humbling experience. But also a very scary one.

I wrote an article for a new alternative heath newsletter I have been asked to contribute to. While writing, it helped bring my soul back to perspective.  It reminded me that moments like this serve a purpose.
If your interested in reading more check out my herb blog.


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